About Us
Our company name literally means "God heals us." We are a family run business with our appreciation of nature growing from a young age.  Having been raised holistically, we were shown to embrace nature and use it to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Our upbringing has guided us to our stewardship of being a part of caring for and sharing nature's gifts with others.    

In sharing herbs, essential oils, and other natural healing modalities among our family and immediate friends, our passing along the tradition of natural plants to the public has grown naturally.  Because of our love for nature's pharmacy, we also have many decades of experience working in the natural health care industry.

Sadly, the natural supplement industry's "legal lies" have become rampant.  (For example, a company can now legally label their essential oils or natural supplements as "100% Pure and USDA Organic" when really there is only 3% of pure organic essential oil or herbs in the bottle.  The rest can legally be potential cancer-causing fillers.) Our family's first website was launched in the late 1990's to share our knowledge and favorite natural health modalities. Our current website is dedicated to educate and provide nature's miracles. So now anyone can understand and possess the gifts which the Creator has given us to maintain optimal health.

In our pursuit of quality, we search after the best nature has to offer in its native region and natural habitat.  We provide superb unadulterated natural products to our customers and thus treat them as we would treat ourselves.

We also pursue sourcing our products directly and focus on sustainability.  This ensures the quality is not tampered by middlemen and our future generations will also be able to benefit.  We are grateful to you for visiting to our website. Be sure to sign up for our newsletters to receive our monthly specials.

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