Francesca V.

Euclid, OH

Associated Conditions:


“Almost 3 years ago, my health took a nose dive regarding several issues . . . My skins was so bad it was now shooting blood onto the floor from the slightest touch.  About 1/3 of my skin was now psoriasis ridden, not just itching but causing pain and bleeding, many of my clothes and bedding ruined.

I could not lay down to sleep.  It felt like I was laying down on sharp objects . . . I sat in front of my computer crying that I knew I needed to do something and knowing that what the medical profession deemed an appropriate solution in medications was not an option for me.  I was lead to the site . . . I started using Apán and within 24 hours my skin improved tremendously.  My skin had integrity again.  The shooting blood stopped. . . I am so grateful . . . Thank you.”

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