Carollynn L.

Prescott, AZ

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"Hello everyone!  My name is Carollynn and I was introduced to the SIAHUS website by a friend in

February of 2021.  My friend suggested I use the Apan Super Daily to begin with as that was

all I could afford.  It didn't long for me to notice a difference!  I could tell in the first few weeks of

using the Apan Super Daily the product was making a difference!  I was starting to feel a difference

(inside and out)!

On my next order I added the Defense product.

I have been taking these two products everyday, twice a day, as the illness/disease I am fighting

has been a long time fight (a 2 1/2 year fight).  At first the doctor's thought it was MRSA, then they

thought it was a bacterial infection of some kind.  So I given various antibiotics.  Which didn't work.

I was then sent to specialists, and all they could do was give me "creams / ointments" to combat the

sores I had all over my body (from the top of my head to my feet)!  The sores varied in size from the

size of a pea to the size of quarter!  They were so painful!  Month after month of fighting this left me

very weak, and hardly able to get up and do the necessary things, one needs to do in daily life.

It left me so weak and exhausted there were many, many days I thought I would not make it as I knew

my body was shutting down.

In March of this year (March 2021) I started using the Apan Super Daily and The Defense!

It is now the end of April, 2021 and I feel 1000 times better.  When I do get a sore it heals quickly.

I can breath better!  I am physically, mentally and emotionally stronger!  And, I now know with each

passing week of using these two products, I am going to continue regaining my health!

What numerous doctor's were not able to do, the Apan Super Daily, and The Defense, DID!

And also, as a side benefit to taking these products I had a tooth that had abscessed. It was an

abscess that needed attention but because I was so ill and because of the COVID restrictions

I did not see a dentist.  The abscess is gone, my gum is healthy, the tooth is fine!  And, I am so

excited to go see my dentist (who I have been with for 30 years) because he said "you will never

get rid of an abscess!"  He is going to be soooooo surprized!!!

By using the Siahus Supplements, and products, I am truly creating Optimal Health for myself!

And, their Therapeutic Essential Oils are the best out there!  In the past I have tried other top

of the line essential oils (which are good, too) but Siahus Therapeutic Essential Oils are of the

highest, and finest quality!  They are affordable, and they deserve a Five Star rating!

I am so grateful to my friend, Alice, for telling me about this website!

These products changed my life!

Sharen B

Ava, MO

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When we got back from Mali I noticed a small cavity. I did not do anything about it with so much going on. Homer and I brush with coconut oil and baking soda and what ever oil is handy when we mix it up. For the last 2 weeks I have been holding liquid Apán in my mouth for as long as I am able, sometimes 10 min or more. Last night I checked on the cavity, it was not there! Interesting.

Mary P.


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Great product! I also had a tooth ache form months and I put a drop on location. It stopped the pain and quickly healed up the area.

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